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Safety around water is always a concern. Recently we were commisioned to install an estate fence around The Captain's Pond at the De Vere Beaumont. The fence has an absolute security aspect but it was also important not to take away the aesthetics of this important architectural feature. We suggested a 3 rail Estate Fence - which does its job well.  Melting into its surroundings. Interestingly history has it that if the Head of School (it was a boarding scool until 1967) could skate around the pond twice, without falling or going through the ice. The pupils would be awarded half a day off lessons - hence the name 'Captain's Pond'

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We are able to supply and install traditional parkland railings throughout the United Kingdom, the majority of which are in the traditional black colour. However we are able to finish these estate fences in any colour. All we need is a RAL number and our paint guys can mix to that exact colour. Here we see a freshly painted steel fence in RAL 6011. Often these lighter colours may need a second top coat to get the depth of colour required. From a distance this retro - colour melts into the background and the estate fence virtually disappears. The square posts and simple diamond pedestrian gate maintain the understated look.

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Historic Boundary lines are often marked with mature trees, often with tree preservation orders (TPO's). Naturally the property owner does not want to concede ground and mark the boundary on a new line further into their property. Our Traditional Estate Fencing is a continuous welded fence, this allows us to weld horizontal rails upto trees and other obstacles, giving the appearance that it flows straight through the tree and out the other side. The trees carry on growing unhindered, the TPO man is happy and calm is preserved.

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A common question we are asked on our site visits is how to keep dogs in and rabbits out of domestic gardens. Our customers understand the benefits of Iron Railings but are anxious not to detract from the overall attractiveness of the fenceline. Our best solution is to incorporate rabbit style netting to our Traditional Estate Railings. We are able to do this neatly by inserting 2 'lambwires' into the fenceline, this allows us to attach the netting without it bellowing in and out between the individual posts. When you stand back from this Cambridgeshire Estate fence the netting is almost invisible - keeping the woofers in.

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Estate Fencing enhances its surroundings. Our site visits are crucial and allow us to fully assess the site and your requirments. Our many years of experience allow us to add detail to your vision, ensuring that your new parkland fence exceeds your expectations. Estate Fencing often replaces post and rail fencing, a small change to the actual fenceline can soften the overall effect it has on the landscape. Here you see a 5 rail Parkland Fence in Hertfordshire with kissing gate and cattle grid surround. This forms an impressive approach that befitts this stunning property.

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Waitrose have a fabulous Farm Shop at Leckford in Hampshire and we were recently commissioned to match and compliment their old Traditional Estate Fencing - our new continuously welded estate fence and gates now flow perfectly with the old. The site created some interesting issues, with all welding works having to be completed out of hours so as to not effect the day to day business. The Farm Shop forms an intrinsic part of the shop window to The Waitrose 4000 acre Leckford Estate . Situated along the stunning Test Valley near Stockbridge , it is well worth a visit.

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We are able to finish our 5 rail estate fencing in any paint colour. Here you see a 5 rail Burghley Estate Fence in Hertfordshire finished in a light grey colour. Clients and Architects specify a particular RAL paint number and we can make to order. The 20mm top round rail and lower 16mm round rails flow with the undulating ground. You will also notice the top lamb wire, we then hog ring a 900mm roll of rabbit netting, keeping the rabbits out and the dogs in. This is a particularly neat way of securing the netting. Some clients ask us to punch the holes in any case to future proof the fence.

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Traditional Estate Fencing install new Parkland fences for Property Developers and Builders throughout the UK. Our 1.2m 5 rail park fence is complimented by the new privet hgedge. If space is limited the landscape architects choose to just mark the driveway with large Gate Posts , rather than clutter the entrance with gates. Here you see a wide shared entrance to two New Build properties. We add extra detail to our gate posts using cast iron finials, our most popular being either cast iron balls or in this case our Rutland Tops, a classic design from the late 1700's

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The Old Pebble Mill At One Studios have now been demolished and a smart new dental hospital now stands in its place. Traditional Estate Fencing has installed a 5 rail metal fence, this park fence is 1.2m high and has a 20mm top rail with 4 lower rails each of 25x6mm. These brown field sites are always a challenge with much hardcore and concrete just under the surface. This is to be expected and we postcrete every post as standard on brown field sites. This 5 rail parkland style fence now seperates The Dental Hospital from the beautifully landscaped 'Tranquility Garden' - an Oxymoron in anyones book !

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The Traditional Company supply Traditional Parkland Fencing to Contractors, landscape architects , property developers, local authorities and private individuals. Estate Fencing can be delivered on a supply only basis or supplied and installed by our own highly skilled teams. We install throughout the UK, this traditional form of steel fencing looks as good in a town setting as it does out in the countryside. Here we see a Traditional 1.2m high, 5 rail Burghley estate fence in Gloucestershire marking out a new right of way.

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When landscape designers and architects specify wrought iron fencing, one of the biggest dilemmas is the finish. Do you choose a painted estate fence whereby you leave the client with a pristine fence upon completion or do you present an option whereby the fence is not painted at all and is allowed to weather off. Reaching its full color over a 6-12 month period. Both ways have there own advantages. Here you see a fully weathered estate fence in Wiltshire enjoying the last of the Winter's Sun.

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The Traditional Company is a supplier to the National trust, we recently completed a commission to remove the existing estate railings and reinstate 1200 m of galvanised parkland fencing at Osterley Park in Middlesex, together with a number of estate gates and steel kissing gates. The existing fence comprised of many types of old parking fencing including some of the H style cast posts.

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Traditional Estate fencing was delighted to be asked to renew the fencing on the Henley Royal Regatta site. Here we see our 5 rail Highland parkland fence forming an elegant sweep through the grounds. This steel fence will be allowed to weather naturally and has already melted into its surroundings, this style of estate fence is our strongest with all rails being 20mm rounds. This fence is fully welded with every upright postcreate into the ground, capable of tolerating even the largest of rowers. Removeable panels and pedestrian pathways were incorporated within the fenceline to allow for maximum access during Henley Royal Regatta week.

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Galvanising is the process of coating steel in an outer protective layer of zinc to prevent rusting. Some architects (especially for new builds and commercial sites) specify a galvanised estate fence. We weld our galvanised fences, this creates a strong seamless fence line, with no collars and pins. Painting galvanised fences has historically been tricky, we recommend a product called Galvacoat which covers and holds its colour well. Galvanised estate fencing can be supplied direct to Trade / Private individuals for self installation or supplied and fitted by our own teams.

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Having the opportunity to instal a new driveway provides a fabulous opportunity to maximise views and features of a property. Often the house may not be in the 'perfect spot' and the positioning of a new driveway gives a wonderful chance to visit these special features. Here you see our 5 rail Burghley Traditional Estate Fence set well back from the gravel driveway wending its way to the main gates with spectacular views of the Wiltshire Downs in the distance.

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Earlier in the spring I was delighted to return to a classic Estate in Cambridgeshire some 15 years after my first visit. My memories of this wonderful setting... fabulous house, sweeping lawns leading down to the river with Parkland views to every direction. How this vista had changed in so few years, the magnificent trees (mainly beech) had peaked and were now gone. Re-planting had been done, but sadly too late, the scale had been lost.

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It was great to see one of our Burghley Parkland fences featured in Country Life this week. We worked closely with the developers over the last 18 months. The Driveway of this new build now elegantly sweeps through the park bordered by our Traditional Steel 5 Rail Estate Fence. A blank canvas is great, but symmetry is the key aspect with these drives.

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The Panshanger Oak is England's largest single stemmed oak tree. With a girth of 7.6m it is truly impressive and is believed to have been planted by Queen Elizabeth 1. It sits in a Repton Landscape near Hertford. Lafarge Tarmac have done an extraordinary job of returning this landscape post gravel extraction,back to nature. Many new footpaths have been opened to the public allowing access to this beautiful Mimram valley. A Traditional Cheshire fence with curved top now protects the Panshanger Oak in a subtle but effective manner.

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Parkland Fencing has a unique way of being able to tie striking new architectural designs to more traditional aspects. Our brief was to provide safety and security from the surrounding river without interfering with the view from or to the Main House. The bespoke aluminium bridge and striking new Garden Room, from contrasting additions to the 17th Century property. The fencing , in its British Racing green melts into the garden leaving these ultra modern designs to shine though. What other fence style would have worked this well??

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Wrought iron fencing is an investment. It adds visual and financial value to a scene......if installed correctly. Traditional Estate fencing install quality parkland fencing throughout the UK using our own teams of skilled fitters. We can also supply you on a supply only basis - we are always on hand to advise you on the correct installation practices, so that you are rightfully proud of the end result. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well.

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Traditional Estate Fencing has set the standards for Wrought Iron and Parkland Fencing throughout the UK, we have a wealth of detailed technical drawings to support Landscape Architects and Planners when drawing up new landscape designs and planning applications. Our team is always available to talk through your requirements on the phone - 07770 594844 / 07738 553502 - we are available to meet and support you on site as required, every location is different and it is vital that the traditional estate fence chosen ably reflects the site or property. Traditional Estate Fencing supply and instal classic steel fences nationwide, we are proud of our fences and can show examples of our work close to you or your clients.

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Much has been written about Country House Security - Traditional Estate fencing will act as a deterrent to trespassers but as Charles Hooper explains in 'The Country House' (1907) There are those , who will get to the other side (of a fence) , even if they have to resort to an axe or scaling ladder; this class can be quietly killed and buried without awakening any great protest from the outside world' Whilst this solution to trespassers isn't trending at present an inherent clash remains between functional security and style, very few property owners want to be in a 'Jurassic Park' style environment (and by the way they still got out).

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In 2014 we saw a significant increase in the popularity of naturally weathered estate fencing. The absence of a primer and top coat allows the elements to quickly work on the wrought iron fence and a wonderful rustic autumnal look quickly appears, giving the impression that the fenceline has been around for many decades. This accelerated seasoning of the mild steel fence line will undoubtedly affect its longevity, but this is relative and it will still last for a long , long time. Here we see a Burghley 5 Rail Estate Fence in Wiltshire, fully welded approximately 2 months after installation.

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Traditional Estate Fencing supply and install wrought iron fencing throughout the UK. In addition to Private Clients we also instal our estate fences for local authorities. Here we see a rural Village Hall in Essex with a newly installed 5 rail Highland Estate Fence - Our brief was to produce the sturdiest of fences in the classic parkland style, not this time to resist cattle but instead to handle the inevitable abuse from children clambering on it from the nearby playground. Every post is concreted in, with every joint on the metal fence line welded. A fitting fenceline for this village to enjoy for years to come.

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Wrought Iron fencing will certainly enhance your properties value in cash terms - that's a fact, but value is not all about money. Estate fencing sets the tone and an anticipation for a property that harks back to times past. Here we see the prestigious Wedding venue at Blake Hall, Essex in full swing with Traditional Estate fencing's 5 rail Burghley fence framing the driveway. England at its best.

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Traditional Estate Fencing is becoming increasingly popular with Property Developers and Architects, this form of wrought iron parkland fencing produces a clear boundary between properties whilst still maintaining the open aspect of this development. This 5 rail Burghley Steel fence in Hertfordshire with 20mm top rail and 25mm x 6mm lower rails leads the eye into this prestigious new development of 17 properties. Developments such as these complete in phases, to very exact deadlines. Traditional Estate Fencing supply steel fences in kit form for self installation, utilising spare labour on site to meet these critical deadlines

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So often garden boundaries are established using hedges, this can be great and gives a quick feeling of privacy within a given space. However hedges grow and despite regular trimming what set out to define an edge can quickly becomes a wall, effectively shutting off light and views. Here we see how our Traditional Estate Fencing can be used to define the edge of a formal part of a garden in Hertfordshire, whilst still including the wildflower meadow beyond.

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Traditional Estate Fences have always been used for all types of Livestock including sheep, cattle and horses. A Parkland or wrought iron fence is an investment that will last for many years. However the fact still remains that if your prime piece of British beef or English Hunter has an itchy backside it will have a scratch and a fence is a good place to start. So 650kg rocking against even the sturdiest of fence is not ideal. Our fences are welded solid, creating the strongest of fence lines, we concrete every 3rd post in as standard and can increase this in areas of high stock pressure , such as near gateways or feed areas.

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Traditional Estate Fences make a real statement and enhance any landscape. The Traditional Park fence may be decorative down a driveway , but may also have the daily pressure of large stock such as Cattle and Horses. This is when a site visit really comes into play. A site visit allows us to fully understand the use that the steel fence will be put to, it gives our surveyors the opportunity to walk the site, taking into account the soil type and lay of the land. We often question your thoughts and can offer helpful insights into areas that you may not have considered, you may want to keep the stock out but do you want to keep rabbits out as well?

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We are often asked how long Traditional Estate Fencing will last for, metal park fencing lasts for a long...long time. Post and Rail fencing typically lasts 10-15 years, Estate Fencing will last well over 60 years. Have a good look at the attached image, once upon a time there was a tree guard, this is what happens some 60 years later if you don't remove metal fencing. The guard is still very much intact but has been lifted clear of the ground and is trying its best to strangle the tree!

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Our standard 5 rail Burghley steel fence is 1.2m tall, this sometimes can look too big in a residential setting, especially if the fence is fairly close to the property. This version is only 1m tall and fits the space really well. It also acts as a dog fence and keeps the dogs safe and sound. This steel fence in Leicestershire has a 20mm round top rail with 4 lower rails made from flat metal.

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Small areas in your garden can often cause more issues than large ones. They are too small to mow sensibly and seem to be all edge. Here is one solution, the garden was centralised around a large Urn with our Legacy Steel edging retaining a narrow shingle pathway, all very square and symmetrical. This Northamptonshire Garden was completed with a short length of Burghley 5 rail Traditional Estate fencing ending with a 75mm corner post and round finial - Proper Job !

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Legacy Steel Edging creates a natural edge to your lawn. This keeps the edge of the lawn from collapsing and keeps the pathway or beds where they should be. This can be a real headache and takes considerable of time and effort to repair. Straight Lawn edges are an intrinsic part of the Classic English Lawn. Legacy Steel Edging is allowed to rust naturally and melts into the garden landscape in a very attractive way.

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Boundaries- a real or imagined line that marks the limit of something. Err.. I'm not sure about the imagined bit, but this Burghley 4 rail parkland fence in Hampshire neatly marks the edge of the front drive - leaving the woodland to do its own thing. It's a big decision trying to work out how to divide these areas - leaving the areas open can work well in the early spring but as soon as the grasses go to seed, the summer storms arrive and the grass gets flattened... it soon looks untidy. Steel Estate Fencing has always looked still does. Everything needs boundaries.

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We have had lots of interest in our Legacy Lattice Edging, so here's an update. The Mild Steel Terracing project in Leicestershire nears completion, all of the metal work has now been completed, with the different lattices weaving seamlessly into one. The three terraces are accessed by a single pathway wending up to the top of this new garden feature. The bank has gone and is now replaced by bold modern lines, the steel will rust in its own way leaving a wonderful bronze effect. We now have the terraces to fill, allow to settle out and lay a wildflower turf,...what a difference!

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This week we are hard at work turning a wild grassy bank into something...entirely different. Steep slopes can add character to a garden, but are difficult to maintain, as you can't get to them with lawnmowers and strimmers, this can often leave it looking wooly and unloved, consequently these marginal areas end up turning into wilderness areas. Wilderness areas have there place and are fine if they are at the far end of your garden, but what do you do if they are in full view? One solution is steel lattice fencing. This project will result in 3 terraces taking the steepness out of the bank and bringing it fully into the garden. Architecture in the garden - how delicious is that!

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