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Traditional Estate Fencing & Gates

Traditional Estate Fencing manufacturers and supplies quality Estate Fencing throughout the United Kingdom. Our Estate Fencing and Gates are ideal for large estates, private gardens, new builds or amenity areas and provides a classic break between formal gardens and wilder areas. We are proud of our British heritage so all of our estate fences are precision made in England by our skilled craftsmen with care and passion for the products we provide. Look around our website to view the wide range of services we provide from Estate Fencing and Gates to Deer Fencing, Bespoke Fencing and Installation services.

Recent Projects

  • Estate Fencing in Buckinghamshire - public areas
    Estate Fencing in Buckinghamshire - public areas Hearing Dogs for Deaf People have just opened a new venue at The Grange in Buckinghamshire - this Traditional Barn now hosts a cafe and gift shop. Our Burghley 5 rail Estate Fencing rings the site and makes this a…
    Written on Sunday, 30 September 2018 08:07

Latest Blog Post

  • Estate Fencing to Footpaths in Kent
    Estate Fencing to Footpaths in Kent Footpaths can overtime deviate significantly from there true routes. Here you see an open area of parkland where the the new owners were keen to graze the Park and needed to reinstate the true Footpath line - in conjunction with…
    Written on Wednesday, 14 November 2018 12:45