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Bespoke Fencing - If you are already the owner of Traditional Parkland Fencing and require more of the same we offer a bespoke matching service, all we need are the dimensions of your existing fence and we can ensure a seamless match. All our fences need welding and painting on site, this provides a solid, attractive and durable fence that will last for well over 60 years. 

From £20.00 per meter + VAT 


Latest Blog Posts

  • Estate Railings with rabbit netting Written By: David House 28-Jun-2017

    A common question we are asked on our site visits is how to keep dogs in and rabbits out of domestic gardens. Our customers understand the benefits of Iron Railings but are anxious not to detract from the overall attractiveness of the fenceline. Our best solution is to incorporate rabbit style netting to our Traditional Estate Railings. We are able to do this neatly by inserting 2 'lambwires' into the fenceline, this allows us to attach the netting without it bellowing in and out between the individual posts. When you stand back from the fence the netting is almost invisible - keeping the...

  • Parkland Fencing at Shugborough Park for The National Trust Written By: David House 15-Mar-2017

    We regularly get asked to match existing iron railings. This is an important element of our works and allows us to play our part in maintaining the architectural heritage on site. The National Trust have recently taken on the Shugborough Estate in Warwickshire and have set about painstakingly removing the multitude of small post and railed paddocks and returning the open nature of this Historic Parkland.  The new Traditional Estate Fence in Staffordshire mirrors the existing iron fencing in the parkland, the rail spacings have been matched together with unique continous welded handrail all...

  • Estate Fencing foot bridge Written By: David House 18-Feb-2017

    Our bespoke single span footbridges can be made in a variety of designs. They cover spans of up to 10 metres wide and can be strengthened to take quad bikes / gators if required. Often neighbouring land has been purchased but with no existing access. Our footbridges create an elegant feature within the garden that draws you onto these new areas. For extra security we can incorporate gates into the design if required.



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